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ModelMe3D helps cities leverage open-source data into one central interactive 3D platform

The Digital Revolution: Why the city needs a dynamic 3D platform

The challenge of rapid urbanisation and the increased exchange of knowledge is transforming the way we experience and interact with the city. This combination of data needs an integrated information tool so that cities, businesses and citizens can make informed decisions based on the same understandable and accessible information.

Visualization & Communication: Good understanding means better business

Projects today are often complex and ground-breaking. Both fixed and dynamic solutions are needed to fulfill the demand of various stakeholders and investors, but also to create awareness and interest to see the possibilities for better urban development and business opportunities.

Real-Time Masterplanning: Because we all need to be involved

Smart city initiatives are taking the cities into exciting new directions. This transformation means that cities have to become increasingly dynamic with more stakeholders involved. New tools are necessary to allow cities, stakeholders and citizens to collaborate with each other.

New Players, New Tools: We help cities discover the full potential of their data

Our 3D interactive digital masterplanning tool transforms buildings, environments and future projects into clickable 3D objects, revealing more extensive levels of detail and data. Open source and user-generated datasets are embedded into each object via a dashboard display.

Build together with ModelMe3D

ModelMe3D will combine the best aspects of technology infrastructure while making the most of a growing potential of collaborative technologies, that enable greater collaboration between urban communities and between citizens and city governments.


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